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A DevOps Primer for Digital-Ready Businesses

DevOps is an engineering practice that aims to reduce the development lifecycle and enable continuous delivery of high-quality software, both of which are key for digital-ready business. The focus is on empowerment, communication and collaboration to enable development and operations teams (hence, DevOps) to work…

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Cloud Migration

4 Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration – Be #DigitalReady

Blowing budget is the biggest reason organisations fail or even avoid migrating their applications and hosting to the cloud, falling at the first hurdle to become #digitalready.  But the benefits considerably outweigh the potential financial downside, and the upside was abundantly evident with the pandemic-driven need for businesses to rapidly scale their digital operations to keep up with…

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5 Critical Steps – IR35 and Technology Projects

The Off-Payroll reforms came into force on 6th April 2021 after a year’s delay. You’ve probably heard the term a lot recently, and may have come across different claims about the best way to manage the impact. From blanket banning contractors altogether to ‘work-around’ models,…

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