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Guiding you to a better future

Francis North Group is a digital project consultancy. We provide expert guidance and support to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Driving change through technology

Our ethos is to question the norm and find smarter ways to relentlessly accelerate IT project results. Through our three Practice Areas of Digital Transformation, Cloud Adoption and DevOps, and Cyber Security and Identity and Access Management (IAM), we bring to bear the leadership, know-how and synergistic resources your digital team needs to achieve its objectives.

We combine advocacy-led digital consulting with extensive human resourcing expertise to deliver successful digital projects on time and on budget.

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What we do for you

Competitive advantage in the digital age comes from harnessing useful technologies at speed. And yet, 95% of organisations struggle with developing and applying a vision for digital change. Your business needs accountable IT change expertise and competencies to fuel its transformation program, and that’s where Francis North comes in. Taking a strategy and turning it into an actionable plan is where we excel.

We deliver digital projects faster with the leadership, know-how, and the synergistic resources your team needs to achieve objectives reliably. We bring expert guidance and support to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape by leveraging technology to drive growth, improve customer experiences, and optimise operations.  

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Who we are

Our core values

Our values guide everything we do and are integral to our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Honest Relationships

Honest business relationships establish trust, lead to increased efficiency and productivity, and improve business outcomes.


Collaboration is vital as it allows leaders and teams to leverage diverse skills and expertise, and achieve common goals more effectively.


Innovation is the key to driving progress and growth. With our innovative mindset, we help companies stay competitive, adapt to changing market conditions, and meet evolving customer needs.

Successful outcomes

The outcome of a project is the ultimate measure of its success. We prioritise resources, identify risks, and continuously improve processes to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes, delivering real value that exceeds their expectations.


Synergistic delivery

Our team has years of experience at the sharp end of digital projects and have helped many organisations and C-Suite leaders solve complex problems. We take on the responsibilities as a lead technology change partner to provide oversight across IT projects, adopting a collaborative partnership approach that helps to accelerate value and achieve successful outcomes for our clients. Unlike ‘done to you’ consultants, we embrace your methods and work as an extension to your team.

“The quality of WORK DONE BY Francis North GROUP HAS far exceeded our expectations”

We excel at partnering with senior technology and business leaders to solve complex challenges.

We credit our success to our deep client relationships and commitment to proect outcomes.

We prioritize selecting highly competent project leaders with the knowledge to deliver your outcomes.

We provide external delivery teams that seamlessly integrate with your operations to manage skill set demand peaks and enhance capacity building for self-sufficiency.


Our engagement model allows clients to choose how they partner with us, whether that be on an outcome or team augmentation basis.

Our Launchpad methodology consistently delivers scalable, predictable, and sustainable technology change that adds business value to our clients.

Why we stand out

The difference

The market for IT services delivery has pivoted away from project accountability towards time and materials resourcing, where the burden of project outcomes and risks is born by hiring companies.

For companies reluctantly accustomed to a ‘done to them’ approach from IT partners, ours is a refreshingly simple and straight-talking approach.  

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We Invest Time

From the outset of any new relationship, we invest time to listen to your ambitions, challenges and plans.

Unlike our larger competitive peers, we’re happy to take on the duties of prime contracting partner and embrace the methods and tools of our clients to work synergistically with management teams to achieve their technology change outcomes.d helping you to achieve timely and predictable delivery outcomes for your technology change projects.

SOW Innovation

Underpinning our approach to technology change is innovation in the form of Statement of Work contract facilitation. Through our strategic partnership with Contora SOW, we turn your technology change ambitions into a comprehensive portfolio of SOW contracts, job statements, etc. within a matter of hours—all mapped against supplier obligations to be paid on outcomes, not meek promises and unconditional time and materials fees.


Instant Improvements

We bring instant improvements to governance and enhanced safeguarding; giving you greater peace of mind, more control, and helping you to achieve timely and predictable delivery outcomes for your technology change projects.

No Nonsense

Our no-nonsense approach and reputation for high quality talent, not to mention our impressive project delivery track-record sets us apart from our rivals. When vendor commitments to deliver IT project outcomes is in short supply, Francis North bucks the trend by creating a win: win formula for customers and our advocacy-led teams.

Our Team

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Director – Business Growth


Michael Cleaverly

Director – New Client Engagement