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Leadership & Advisory Services

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Data Loss

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Identity Access Governance 

Leadership and Advisory Services

Francis North CxO leaders have pedigree working for the world’s most innovative organisations to deliver strategic technology programmes. Providing board level and C-Suite advisory services, we help organisations to achieve critical strategic goals and objectives whilst bringing simplicity to what sometimes can be perceived as complex.

  • CxO Leadership & Advisory – CIO, CISO, CDIO & CTO
  • Project Consultancy – Digital Transformation & Change
  • M&A – Technology and Cyber Security Assessment and Due Diligence
  • Cyber Security Strategy Planning and Implementation
  • Project Recovery & Turnaround
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Digital Transformation

Francis North are experts when it comes to building digital solutions and services. We help organisations to reengineer how they deliver exceptional value for their users. We take a thorough and pragmatic approach to understand what changes are required from a cultural and organisational perspective and deliver long lasting, sustainable solutions, that accelerates performance through the use of digital services.

It’s our ambition to help the organisations we partner with embrace digital culture and provide continuous insight and innovation to meet an evolving user needs landscape.

  • DevOps Strategy & Roadmap
  • DevOps Maturity Assessment
  • Digital Target Operating Models
  • CI/CD & Cultural Change Programmes

Introducing modern working practices through effective software development, IT operations and cultural change.

Francis North help organisations accelerate automation and transform their cloud and DevOps capability to enable digital transformation, moving to a value and output driven operating model through the use of more efficient technologies and working practices that drive greater efficiencies, security, product quality and continuous delivery mindset.

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Cloud Readiness

Francis North will help you to create a successful roadmap to the cloud. To achieve this, we start by undertaking a structured cloud readiness assessment of your organisation’s capabilities, process and people, to design a strategy inline with your organisational needs.

We will then produce a cloud strategy that ensures you are investing in the right technology, driving down costs and maximising operational efficiencies through cloud adoption.

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Cloud Migration & Optimisation

Francis North engineers and delivery managers are experts when it comes to delivering and implementing Cloud Migrations. We will ensure that business critical applications and infrastructure are prioritised and migrated to the cloud with minimal disruption to business operations.

When you have migrated to the cloud, we will ensure your environment is optimised to its full potential. Our team will continuously look to control and provide visibility of costs, improve performance aligned to workloads, usage and security, so you make the most of your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Security

Cloud security architecture is effective only if the correct defensive implementations are in place.

Our experts will assess the integrity of your cloud providers capability in protecting your data, applications, infrastructure, and your regulatory obligations and produce a tactical and strategic roadmap to address projects such as; Critical Vendor Risk Remediation, Data Loss Prevention remediation, Regulatory policy alignment and projects to reaffirm Cloud data integrity.

Data Loss Prevention

Implementing the right processes and technologies to effectively manage data throughout its lifecycle is essential to mitigate data breaches and comply with data legislation (GDPR). Evaluating the security of your data, focussing on data at rest, in use, in motion and Including encryption.

We assess the maturity and effectiveness of corporate policies Data policies, including but not limited to Data Classifications, Data Leakage, Data Protection, Data retention policies, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Access Control Management
Identity Access Governance

Privilege Access Management (PAM) and Identity Access Management (IAM) are critical components to any businesses that is looking to enhance its digital interactions between, employees, clients and partners in a secure manor.

Francis North provides a range of authentication services to limit and track employee and user access to protect internal systems from malicious entities, and secure digital identities that dive your online services.

Data and AI

Digital Transformations has accelerated the consumption of data, but often organisations are not able to harness the power of data to drive future efficiencies, improve user experience and increase revenues.

Francis North can help you to understand and extract data from silos and legacy data repositories, moving to a more dynamic solution that will give you visibility of your data in real-time enabling you to make more informed business decisions and drive competitive advantage.

Data Services:

  • Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Platforms & Management
  • Data Centric Approach
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